[News]  Warning: En5 site is cheater &V76 released,add blacklist
We have not En5 server !!!
some cheater create a website like : en5.babyranxxxxing.com,
don't register this cheater's website! It will install the back door virus on ur PC,
If u install it u will lose your all important information like banking password,
and cheater en5 will stop en1-en4 server's update,
We recommend you delete the en5 client immediately and never open that site.

If babyran create En5 server it will must be En5.babyran.com

Version 0076 released,add these bots on blacklist
Cheat Engine\Speed Bots\CCproxy\Hack Tools\
Process Explorer\Process Hacker\Minimize\Minimizer\
GodMode\AutoPotion\Proxifier\Beast and others
Please without these bots before you running game.
If you still can not running game please do these steps:

1, Close all bots and tools and unrelated software.
    maybe it already run in Lower right corner,check and exit.
    Close all folder.

2, Fully remove En5 server client, it's cheater virus.

3, Download V0076 patch and install it.

4, Right click our Launcher.exe or shutcut icon on desktop
   then chose :  run as administrator.

5, If still not work,Hold "Ctrl+SHift+Esc" , 
    The Task Manager will show up, 
    chose "Details" page, Find the "ICCProxy.exe" then right click,
    chose "End task",after these steps reopen your babyran client.

6, If still not work, please download and install TeamViewer
   after install,please connect our Livechat and
   tell GM the TeamViewer ID and password,we will help you more.

This patch is only for version 9.8X-9.9X full client

Patch Date Mirror
Version 0076 Dec 19, 2016 Mirror1
Version 0076 Dec 19, 2016 Mirror2
Version 0076 Dec 19, 2016 Mirror3