[News]  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! V906 released ^^

New costum suit sale in the game NPC Narsi (MarketPlace).
Genesis Motorcycle sale in the game NPC Instrutors (MarketPlace).
New Genesis series weapon drop in game.

Genesis Wing's Feather (White\Yellow\Blue\Purple\Green\Red)
drop in game,for item mix to Genesis Wing(7D).
Genesis Wing's Feather(White)*10 + Snow Teardrops*10
= Genesis Wing(White)(7D)  40% Success

Fix quick party(in any map you can party from friend list).
New command:gentle
CP system,when CP full,you will get 1.2B attack value.

Update for Item Mall:
The old Optimus will dispear and new Optimus will retrun to your item bank.

Coast Tattoo Costum [7D]

Bike Color Card for Wing Scooter,Active Scooter,Signus,
Hyper Force,Optimus and Genesis Motorcycle.
Other bike,hover board and aircraft can not change color.

Genesis (Freeze)(Rainbow)series weapon

New Precious Griffin Waving Wing Brown\Black\White(3D)
Precious Griffin Waving Wing Red(3D),Precious Genesis Wing Rainbow(3D)
Precious Griffin Waving Wing Red,Precious Genesis Wing Rainbow

Patch Date Mirror
Version 9.06 Dec 17, 2013 Mirror1
Version 9.06 Dec 17, 2013 Mirror2
Version 9.06 Dec 17, 2013 Mirror3
Version 9.06 Dec 17, 2013 Mirror4
Version 9.06 Dec 17, 2013 Mirror5

Thank you for support BabyRan, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!