[News]  BabyRan 2013-2014 update plane,will be done one by one

As the increasingly popularity of BabyRan today, Our technical Group like to show our players our new plans for catching up with the Korea official in the near future. these plans will be launching one by one in a sooner time. For the list of updates, here we won’t include the regular updates such as weapons, monsters, skills, map, pet, the official style settings. Adhere we would like to show you the special and extra ordinary updates of babyran as the following:

1, Increase new occupation “magic vampire”. Once the skill is launched, the character can duplicate the skills and weapons of a specific role in the nearby characters within a certain period of time. The character will be back to its own attributes once leaving the effective range or reaching the copy time limit..


2, Increase the mercenary system. This is not a simple summon system (this system has been rejected one year ago during the server test). This new mercenaries system can replace the armament including the slide locomotive which can release the group skills. When you take the locomotive, the mercenaries will also take the locomotive. When you switch weapons, The mercenaries will switch weapons.


3, Increase player online message system (originally as the SMS mail system). This can transmit or receive voice messages, SMS and also send a group of voice mail, or instant group voice chat (this function is similar to Spype, RC or WhatsApp).


4, Increase the player graffiti wall system. A graffiti board will be designed into the game (expected in the central square of the advertising screen location). Wherein the game player can draw, write and also erase the works of others.


5, Increase a friend video window of 200 x 150 pixels. This is located in the bottom right corner of the game window. Player can play the game while video chatting with friends (with perfect secret garden), you can also close the function at any time.


6, Increase the character color adjustment function. Players can be free to choose the color to be white, Africans, and even into Afanda's skin color, a variety of colors for adjustment freely.


7, Increase the self-made clothing function. Player can choose hundreds of coat or culottes appearance freely and dye. Player can also join the decorative patterns and words, give full play to your imagination. Never worry again about the clothes same to other people.


8, Add the payer’s patrol punch machine into the game. 10 punch machines are distributed in the game map and operate once every 6 hours. The game player can get bonus points if punched successfully all the time.


9, Increase the background sound changing function button. The game player can make or change the effect of game background music and use music effect by the fate box. It is quite good to change your own favorite music.


More exciting content waiting for you to explore, BabyRan wish you enjoy a happy game!