[News]  BabyRan 5th years Anniversary Celebration is starting now!

BabyRan Fifth years’Anniversary gift back Celebration
“Back Home Fiesta” is starting now!

Recently, Babyran keep on updating the game versions,
there was times even exceeding the Korea Official games that attracts
more and more new players join our games,
besides thousands of old player after year 2008 come back to game again.

In order to appreciate the patronage of the new and old players,
we will continuously grant freely more than 1,000,000,000 epoints
to our players in 1 months to acknowledge your supports.
Hurry up, tell your friend this unbelievable news, don’t miss it!

Qualification of players who is entitled to have the free epoints:
At least one of your characters in your account reaches the 80 rebirth above.

Every game account can only claim free points or Lover heart gift box once.
Claim period: April 15, 2013 to May 15, 2013 Extended until May 31th, 2013

How to Claim?
logoin to Babyran Website, enter to claiming page,
you will have two choices to select as the following:
Select “ Claiming 1000 epoint”
Select “ Lover heart” gift box worth 1352 epoints
the gift box will send to your game bank,push “B“ to check.

The Claim URL is: