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Interactions Function

Chat Function

To Open/ Close Chat Window: Select the button shown in the bar. This will allow players to adjust the window size by dragging the mouse.

Select the desire Chat Frequency: Select the arrow shown on the display to choose the frequency. It has a 6 different types.

Party Chat : Add in [#] before enter message
Whisper Chat : Add in [@] before enter message
Gang Frequency : Add in [%] before enter message
Speakers Frequency : Add in [$] before enter message

Select the frequency that you want to use:
If you want to use a single channel frequency, select any one from the frequency option, if you want to use the frequencies channel as shown in Figure 2, just click on the button displayed and tick the desire frequency.

Figure 1:

Figure 2 :

Friends Management

Adding Friends to your List :
Key-in the game ID of Friends that you want to add in the gray bar below the window and click the "Add" button. Your request to add a friend will be prompted to the other party; and he/she can approve or reject your friend request. Make sure that you type the exact game ID (case-sensitive) of your friends to avoid invalid requests.

Deleting Friends from your List:
Select the name of the friend you want to delete from your list and press the "Delete" button at the bottom right, to remove a friend from your list.

Teleporting to your Friend’s Location:
You can teleport into the location of your friends by selecting your friend's ID from your list and clicking the "Move" button at the bottom. Your character must have the "Friends Teleport Card" or "Friends Regular Connect Card" in order to access this feature.

Party Rules

Game’s menu short-cut key: Use "Shift" and left mouse button to click on the other party, and then select any icon shown in Figure 1, to set up the party’s profile as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1:

Figure 2 :

Allocation Setting
1. Contributor’s Priority : The main aggressor gets to pick first.
2. FREE : Anyone can pick up items and game coins.
3. Master Priority : Party Leader gets to pick.
4. By Sequence : Allocation is based on the picking authority assigned in the Party.
5. Equal Distribution All gold collected by the team will be distributed equally.


Trading Items between Players
Use the Game Menu Short-cut Key by pressing the "Shift" key and left clicking on the character you want to trade with.
During the game, players can use that window to trade with other players.
The Trading Window will appear to each trader so that each player can also see the information of items for trade.

During trading, both parties must come to a certain agreement. Either party can click on the "Confirm" button to accept the trade. After the trading is confirmed, the trading process ends. During trading, players can input all the consumable items he/she wishes to sell. If a trade involves the use of gold coins to make the purchase, a window will appear for a player to key in the amount of gold coins.

A player can also decline a trade by selecting the "Decline" option. Once selected, the individual trading process ends. All illegal transactions that result to item losses will not be assisted by the Game Masters except for special cases. Make sure that before participating in a trade, players are advised to evaluate trade information at the Trading Window before accepting a trade.

Store Trading

Select the store’s money NPC for the tools for sale, the Store Trading window will appear.
Trading can be done by selecting the tools to purchase or for sale.
If players desire to trade in bulk, just key-in the quantity of items to be traded.
A player who intends to sell their tools, should expect that the selling price would be 50% of the purchase price.

Duel System

The duel system in Ran On-line is called PK System (Player Kill System).
Use the "Shift" key and left mouse button to select the other character you want to duel with.
Players can use their own characters to challenge other characters to a duel session. The character or player being challenged can decide whether to "Accept" or "Decline" the challenge.
When the challenge is accepted, the name above the head of the other party will show in red colored bar just like a monster/enemy character.
The winner in the duel will get experience points similar from killing monsters based on their level differences.
There is no limit to the number of times a players can challenge other players to a duel.
Duel session proposals and challenges cannot be done in the College's Hall.