[News]  Warning to all players using illegal tools & rumor

Warning to all players using illegal programs:


We like to formally inform our players that we will update the game program of the server and improve the anti-bot programs. We will strictly implement a rule on the players who using the illegal program in order for the fairness of the game.


1. After the update, all accounts using illegal programs will be kicked out of the game and recorded once by the system as first warning.


2. If the players continue to violate the rule and being recorded three (3) times for using any illegal programs or cheat engine by system,  their accounts will then be banned for 7 days as 2nd warning.


3. After the 2nd warning, if the players disregard our rules and continue using their illegal program, their accounts will be banned permanently without any consideration.


We hereby strictly advice all our players not to challenge us, because this rule will be strictly implemented in order to protect the benefits of the majority players and devote our effort in improving the game.


Recently, there are some unfaithful rumors by some players that our servers are going to close soon,
EP bug or others. these acts have caused bad influence to our games.
Our servers will go on continuously and provide more excitement for all our loyal customers.
We never stop our effort to improve the game and make the game more fair or exciting.
Please don't easily trust what other players say, for your sake, confirm the information with us before
you make the next move and keep updates on the news at our official website.
If we find any player is spreading the rumor again, or if you found anyone who is doing this,
 please report to us immediately, we shall permanently ban his/her account.
 Furthermore, please only transact with our authorized agent as the website stated.


Recently many kinds of acceleration cheat engine have been used in our game that had destroyed the balance of the game. While through our continous effort, those cheat engines have basically been eliminated. Hereby, we like to call our game players to avoid using cheat engine, or automated bot devices for blood refill or other purpose because it won’t make you enjoy the game and loose the exciting part of the game.

Besides, we would like to clarify also for some players, becauce they are using Madness Box or Power Box that cause the atacking speed and harm of the characters look different from those who are not using. But, they are just fictitious, please don't be misled, they are only the effects of the normal game items.

Our detecting system is very advanced, we never stop detecting and supervising those players who use the cheat engine and force them to drop out of the game even the are using the new version.  This is our promise to our loyal players and we are devoting ourselves to make the game more exciting. We are hoping for your continous support. Thank you very much for patronage.